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LastPass Enterprise: The last password solution

Information Systems and Technology now offers the MIT community a password management system that removes the need to remember or reuse passwords.
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Are you still trying to remember all of your passwords? Or worse, are you using one password for multiple online accounts? Do you have a shared team password that needs to be regularly updated because of personnel changes? If this sounds like you, read on.

Save time and be more productive

Password headaches are over when you use the LastPass Enterprise password management system, now available to the entire MIT community.

LastPass removes the need to remember or reuse passwords. It fills your login information into Web forms automatically, so you don’t have to. Creating new strong passwords will be a thing of the past as well: you can let LastPass generate them for you.

The sharing feature in LastPass Enterprise gives multiple people access to shared company accounts; you can set up collaboration by team or by function. Employees, even when working remotely, can log into shared accounts on social media websites and other third-party sites. By automatically syncing changes, teams can quickly add or remove employees and streamline password updates.

Protection and convenience

Access your passwords and any other information you choose to store in your LastPass vault via a Windows or Mac OS X client, a mobile app, or any web browser.

Data in the vault are protected using AES 256-bit encryption. The key to protecting this data is a single master password, which stays local on your device and is never shared with LastPass or MIT employees. It is highly recommended that you keep your master password to yourself.

LastPass has teamed up with Duo Security to provide an even safer way to access data in your vault using two-factor authentication. By using this second login step, you add another layer of security.

Have a LastPass account for your personal passwords already? No problem. You can link the accounts so you only log in once. Should you leave MIT, just take your personal account with you.

Getting started

Information about registration and other LastPass essentials is available in the Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) Knowledge Base article, “How do I sign up for MIT’s LastPass service?”  Visit the registration portal to activate your LastPass Enterprise account at

More information is posted at and on the MIT LastPass FAQ. If you have questions or need help, you can contact the IS&T Service Desk.

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