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New MIT DAPER app takes the stress out of physical education for students

It happens all the time. You’re walking through campus from thermodynamics to differential equations and it hits you: “Am I on track with my physical education points? Did I miss a PE registration date?” Maybe between p-sets you totally spaced and forgot to even go to your PE class last Tuesday. Instead of missing some crucial information from class while you panic, find a makeup before you even walk through the door of the lecture hall.

The recently-released MIT DAPER app is the perfect resource to answer such questions and quell anxiety instantly and directly, minimizing stress and reducing time wasted combing through various websites.

Many already know that this app is great for keeping abreast of varsity athletic events, club sports, intramurals, and recreation opportunities, but the physical education office also has its own button designed to serve the needs of every MIT student.

The app consolidates all that need-to-know information, like registration dates, available courses for current and upcoming schedules, and the list of options for makeup classes. Students can even check their PE history to see all the courses they have registered for with the grades and statuses of pass, no pass, or drop.

Maybe it just dawned on you that you might not complete your PE requirement by the end of your sophomore year. The app guides you through how to submit a PE plan online. The app even lists options for earning PE points through alternative means, helping you figure out the best way to make PE work with your busy schedule, instead of completely reworking your schedule to fit a PE course. Students can also find general wellness tips on nutrition, exercise, and stress management. The MIT DAPER app is meant to clarify any uncertainties about physical education at MIT in the most accessible manner as possible.

Still unclear about any of this? Click “MITPE HELP!” inside the app and up pops contact information to get the answers to any PE related questions. Students can send an email, set up a time for a 20-minute appointment with the PE office, or call the phone number for instant access.

Being an MIT student is hard enough; use the MIT DAPER app to have one less things to stress over.

This free resource can be found by searching "MIT DAPER" in your favorite app store or by following these direct links to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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