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MIT launches ‘Atlas’ as a new administrative-systems hub

New portal will replace SAPweb and SAPweb Self Service.
MIT has launched a new portal — called “Atlas” — as an administrative-systems hub for the MIT community. The new gateway allows users to access services — both self-service and administrative-system functions — all in one place.

Atlas replaces SAPweb and SAPweb Self Service at MIT; these sites were developed more than 15 years ago and will be retired later this year. The new site retains the same business functions of SAPweb, plus new applications. (Access to Atlas requires a valid MIT certificate.)

Executive Vice President and Treasurer Israel Ruiz sponsored the project to develop Atlas. “I often hear from staff across the community that our systems and processes are not accessible or intuitive,” Ruiz says. “This is the first step in making MIT administrative systems more personalized, timely, intuitive and interactive.”

Atlas will offer, for the first time, an application to guide newly hired employees through a number of new-hire activities — providing a welcoming and streamlined experience, and helping new employees feel engaged and connected to MIT. Later this month, employees will be able to make Open Enrollment benefit choices through Atlas. The systems hub will also include an interactive campus-mapping application.

Other key features of Atlas include a homepage to guide users to helpful resources; search options for quick access to needed functions; and hover menus for easy site navigation. Over time, Atlas will provide access to additional systems and offer greater personalization. For instance, users will eventually be able to set preferences to organize work activities according to their specific roles and individual needs.

Starting in December, Atlas will provide a new system for requesting services from the Department of Facilities. Enhanced tools and processes will make it easier for people to create Facilities work requests, and users will be able to track their pending, in-process and completed requests. A preview of the new page can be seen here.

A guided tour of Atlas will be offered at a drop-in session in the Bush Room (10-105) this Friday, Oct. 4, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

The Atlas development team welcomes community feedback via a feedback button on the site. Visit the site today and share your thoughts.

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