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Alumni share their romantic moments at MIT

Slice of MIT recently reached out to alumni to ask about their most romantic moment at MIT.
Warren Buffett lent a proposal assist to Will Smittinet MBA ’12.
Warren Buffett lent a proposal assist to Will Smittinet MBA ’12.

A few weeks back, Slice of MIT reached out to alumni to ask them to share their most romantic moment at MIT. The goal was to dispel the notion that MITers don’t have time for affairs of the heart.

Judging by the memories shared, the Institute might be the world's most romantic place. And these stories are decidedly MIT, with appearances from Smoots, theoretical calculus homework and the Thirsty Ear Pub.

Thank you to everyone who shared their story. Some small edits were made for grammar and brevity. Happy Valentine's Day — enjoy the romantic side of MIT!


"Walking down the main corridor and seeing my girlfriend walking toward me, actively engaged in conversation with another guy and noticing that I’m walking toward her. Seeing her face light up into a smile as we collide and kiss—a good kiss. We continue walking our opposite directions, and me thinking of the expression on the other guy’s face and smiling for the rest of the day." – Marvin

"My favorite romantic moment connected to MIT was walking with a friend across the Harvard Bridge and realizing that we’d been speaking in IBM 360 Assembly Language for all 364.4 Smoots. Only at MIT!" – Jessica

"During an MIT Investment Club trip to see Warren Buffett, every candidate wrote Mr. Buffett a personal letter. I wrote: 'To me, love and marriage are the most valuable investment that I could make and who better to help me ask for my girlfriend’s hand in marriage than you, Mr. Warren Buffett, the world greatest value investor?'

Mr. Buffett agreed to help me ask for my girlfriend's hand in marriage. (Above) is the picture when Mr. Buffett helped me propose to my girlfriend, who was 6,500 miles away in Thailand waiting for me to return. On Dec. 12, 2012, my wife and I got married and we sent Mr. Buffett a Thank You note." – Will

"Three other students and I were waiting outside of our advisor’s office in Building 13. We commiserated about the upcoming semester, especially 3.185 with Prof. Szekely, which was supposed to be awful. One of the students, Derek, suggested exchanging phone numbers so that we could form a study group. Little did I know that I had just met my future husband and he never had any intention of using the other telephone numbers. We’ve been married for 19 years and have three daughters." – Diane

See more stories of romance on this Valentine Day's Slice of MIT.

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