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Conceptual design phase of East Campus renovation

Photo courtesy of East Campus students

East Campus is in the process of being considered for a possible Capital Renewal Project to completely renovate the two-building residence hall. The goal is to provide current and future East Campus students with the right balance of programming and living space that will help foster community growth and development.

Students, Housemasters and staff of the Institute are working collaboratively with EYP Architecture & Engineering on this project. EYP Architecture & Engineering is a nationally recognized leader in the planning and design of residential life facilities that foster a 24/7 Live/Learn environment.

"I've found this process to be very different from typical interactions with Residential Life, and DSL in general," says East Campus President Robert Johnson. "Naomi Carton, Henry Humphreys and Dennis Collins have all worked hard to get the whole community engaged at a much earlier stage in the process than what we're usually used to."

The approved vision statement for this project is as follows:

East Campus is a collection of two buildings and a common courtyard. As some of the oldest, purpose-built student housing on the MIT campus, East Campus has developed a unique character that is reflected in both the physical environment and the quality of the residential experience. The vision for the East Campus renewal is to create a residential community that reflects and supports the students who live there and their unique culture by addressing the following:
    1. Promote a community that develops a place for students to be creative, recognizing the need for resources that will promote student safety and well being;
    2. Provide space, services and resources that will accommodate current and future student needs;
    3. Create spaces that are flexible and adaptable and that will allow students a certain level of customization in order to accommodate unique activities supported by the Institution;
    4. Respect and thoughtfully integrate new renovations with the architectural heritage of Building 62, Building 64 and the courtyard.
      On Aug. 7, Carton, the associate dean of residential life and dining, along with EYP Architecture & Engineering, brought MIT Facilities respresentatives and East Campus students together to participate in a charrete. This charrete process gave students the opportunity to talk about their community and share their thoughts about what the renovated design of the building should include. With this information, EYP was able to create a few conceptual design options that would fit with the East Campus community and culture.

      On the evening of Monday, Oct. 22, EYP Architecture & Engineering, Associate Housemaster of East Campus Enectali (Tali) Figueroa-Feliciano and Johnson will present these conceptual design options to the East Campus community and gather their feedback.

      "We are pleased to collaborate on a project that will revitalize the East Campus community," said Humphreys, the senior associate dean for student life. "Through a conceptual design phase, EYP has provided the Institute with a good working concept for the potential renovation of East Campus."

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