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Aiello wins Schlumberger Foundation fellowship

Clarice Aiello at the 2011 NSE Doctoral Research Expo.
Clarice Aiello at the 2011 NSE Doctoral Research Expo.
Photo: Despoina Chatzikyriakou

Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) PhD student Clarice Aiello has been selected to receive a Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future fellowship. Launched by the Schlumberger Foundation in 2004, the Faculty for the Future fellowship was established to support women role models for the next generation. The fellowships are awarded to women from developing and emerging economies who are preparing for overseas PhD or postdoctoral study in the physical sciences and related disciplines at top universities for their disciplines.

The long-term goal of the program is to generate conditions that result in more women pursuing scientific disciplines. Grant recipients are therefore selected as much for their leadership capabilities as for their scientific talents, and they are expected to return to their home countries to continue their academic careers and inspire other young women.

At MIT, Aiello is working with NSE Assistant Professor Paola Cappellaro toward achieving high-fidelity control of electronic and nuclear spins associated with the Nitrogen-Vacancy defect center in diamond. The goal of her research is to manipulate these spins using optical and microwave fields in order to use them as quantum bits for quantum information processing and precision measurements.

The Faculty for the Future community now stands at 194 women from 54 countries, and grows steadily each year.

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