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Test of MIT Alert taking place today

Today, Wednesday, April 28, 2010, MIT is conducting a test of MIT Alert, our emergency notification system.

You should be notified in the following ways:
  • If you have already submitted your cell-phone information to MIT Alert, you will receive a text message.
  • You will receive an e-mail via your MIT e-mail account.
  • The flat-screen display message boards across campus will display the test message.
  • All messages will be identical and will say: "This is a TEST of MIT Alert, MIT's emergency messaging system. For info on THIS TEST, go to:"
In any large-scale emergency, MIT will always direct you to the emergency website to find the most current and reliable information about the event and any specific precautions or actions for community members to follow.

Why does the message point you to IS&T has secured a mirror image of the emergency page on servers physically located in other off campus geographic locations. This is important in the event that a problem on campus made the MIT servers non-operational. The “.net” location would allow you to have access to the information relative to the emergency on campus.

If you have any questions, please direct them to:

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