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Learn 'How to Speak'

Professor Patrick Winston shares tips from his legendary IAP talk, "How to Speak."
Professor Patrick Winston
Professor Patrick Winston
Image from MIT World video

Some 30 years ago, Professor Patrick Henry Winston ’65, SM ’67, PhD ’70 gave his first talk on "How to Speak." Though he was reluctant, he proceeded on the urging of Robert Sjoberg SM ’81, who assured him that he, at least, would come.  Sjoberg and Winston were not alone that day — 100 people showed up.

Winston, professor of artificial intelligence and computer science, has given that talk to substantial audiences at IAP every year since. At this year's IAP, some 250 people occupied chairs, stairways and various perches in his IAP lecture hall, intent on gaining insights into how to deliver a lecture, pass an oral exam or ace a job interview.

And if you missed Winston's talks — or you need a refresher — you can watch a video of "How to Speak" that Winston recorded at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard. Just go to Slice of MIT and listen up!

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