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Water emergency is over

Affected communities now have clean tap water; instructions given for flushing pipes

Earlier this morning, Governor Deval Patrick announced that the "boil water" order that had been in effect since Saturday for communities east of Weston, Massachusetts has ended. All water served by the the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) is now safe to drink.

Residents in affected communities (which did not include Cambridge, but which did include Boston and Brookline) are being advised by the MWRA to flush their pipes before consuming tap water. Visit MIT’s Emergency Information page for links to further information.

On Saturday, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) reported that a 10-foot water pipe in Weston, Mass., had ruptured. Because of the rupture, all communities east of Weston whose water is provided by the MWRA were receiving water from a backup system of reservoirs. The water from this system was not fit for drinking or cooking. Governor Deval Patrick stated that this water must boiled for one minute before being drunk.

Cambridge has its own water supply, and thus was not affected by the emergency.

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