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Biomanufacturing Research Program wins grant from Sloan Foundation

Will be used to examine globalization and regulatory compliance
The Center for Biomedical Innovation’s Biomanufacturing Research Program (BioMAN) has been awarded a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to examine the effect of globalization on regulatory compliance for biopharmaceutical product manufacturing, the behavior of manufacturing firms in this environment, and the impact of Food and Drug Administration policy on biopharmaceutical manufacturing regulatory performance.

The project is a collaborative effort involving Department of Biology professor Anthony J. Sinskey, who also has a joint appointment in the Engineering Systems Division (ESD); ESD professor Roy Welsch; and MIT Sloan School of Management professor Scott Stern; along with researchers from Georgetown University (Professor Jeffrey Macher) and the University of Prince Edward Island (Professor Reuben Domike).

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