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Carbon Concepts: A Bazaar of Ideas

Freshmen in the Terrascope learning community will present their research — which focused on specific ways to reduce the concentration of carbon and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere — today in Lobby 13.

The students have been working on the problem all year, and during spring semester they worked in teams to develop prototypes, models and examples of real, workable solutions. Their semester's work is under the guidance of CEE professor Charles Harvey, along with Ari Epstein and Stephen Rudolph.

At Monday's event, students will present and defend ideas including:
  • A working scale model of a system that would inject carbon dioxide into underground aquifers, sequestering it there rather than in the atmosphere.
  • Alternatives to traditional concrete building materials, created in a way that would reduce the amount of CO2 normally released into the atmosphere during construction.
  • A prototype of an electromechanical energy-storage system to be located near offshore wind farms, making it possible to have clean energy onshore when it is needed, not just when the wind is blowing.
  • A multiplayer game, in which each country tries to maximize its own economic growth but all have to work together to prevent the catastrophes that could be brought on by high carbon emissions.
  • A prototype of an interactive, participatory museum exhibit, designed to inform the general public about climate change and ways to prevent it.

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