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UK's Wellcome Trust launches postdoc fellows program at MIT

The Wellcome Trust announced on May 7 the establishment of a new program at MIT that will fund postdoctoral fellows to do research at the interfaces between biology/medicine, computation, the physical sciences and engineering.

Postdoctoral researchers in the program will be funded for two to three years at MIT followed by one to two years in the United Kingdom. The program expects to enroll five scientists per year, starting this fall.

The Wellcome Trust, the largest charity in the United Kingdom, has a strong interest in promoting such interdisciplinary research, said Richard Hynes, professor of biology at MIT and member of the board of governors of the Wellcome Trust.

"They're undertaking this program as a way to get this jumpstarted, and they may use MIT as a model for other places," said Hynes.

The program is open to U.K. citizens and others with strong ties to the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

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