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'Said and Done': news and features on humanities, arts, and social sciences for November

Said and Done is the monthly communications digest from MIT's School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. For the complete review, visit

Some of the highlights include:

Feature | Diagnosis

Four School experts look at root causes of current U.S. health policy, and propose approaches that would be healthier — both for “We, the People” and for the national pocketbook.

Feature | Tea with a Warlord
Fotini Christia interviews Afghanistan's fierce fighters and reveals the potential for a more successful U.S. foreign policy — and more stability for the Afghani people.

Profile | Craig Wilder, Professor of History

Craig Wilder's path to becoming a noted historian included convincing his mother. In this profile he describes why "thinking for a living is a joy."


Soundings  | Fall 2009
Magazine of the MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Stories of ideas in action

Video | Tom Levenson on "Newton and the Counterfeiter"

Professor Levenson describes the little known detective career of Sir Isaac Newton.

Global Community | Events and Outreach
Highlights of the past six months of outreach events and travels
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Website | Be Surprised  

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Sandra Liu poses for the camera holding her GelPalm prototype, a robotic hand with sensors. She is in a lab workspace with two computer monitors, a Rubik's cube, and electronic equipment.

Robotic palm mimics human touch

MIT CSAIL researchers enhance robotic precision with sophisticated tactile sensors in the palm and agile fingers, setting the stage for improvements in human-robot interaction and prosthetic technology.

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