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MIT Interfraternity Council Expels Alpha Tau Omega

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Division of Student Life regrets to inform the community of the closing of the Beta Gamma chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (ATO) on the MIT campus.

On Aug. 27, the Judicial Committee of the student-led Interfraternity Council found ATO responsible for violations of the IFC's risk management policy. Based on a prior agreement between ATO and the voting members of the IFC in October 2008, those violations led to immediate organizational expulsion.

An appeal by the fraternity to the Office of Student Citizenship was reviewed, and denied on Sept. 10. As a result of the sanction, the Institute has withdrawn recognition of the chapter for 10 years. ATO may not reapply to be a fraternity at MIT until August 27, 2019.

"We regret that the actions of some ATO members have led to this sanction, but the process followed by the Interfraternity Council was transparent, thorough, and fair," said Dean for Student Life Costantino Colombo. "MIT stands behind the student leaders of the IFC and supports their decision completely."

MIT has also revoked the chapter's Approved Institute Housing status, and the Cambridge License Commission will revoke the chapter's Lodging House License. As a result, the twenty-five members living in the ATO house at 405 Memorial Drive must vacate the premises. The MIT Office of Residential Life is offering assistance to any member who requests help finding new housing on or off campus.

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