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Hobby Shop - Cool Tools on Dean Colombo's Beat

In Dean Chris Colombo's first Slice of MIT blog post, he describes his delight at finding that the Hobby Shop is within the Division of Student Life. Learn about some great inventions, cool tools and a new romance.
Newly engaged Theis Clarke SM '04, PhD ’08 and Catherine Lee met at the Hobby Shop.
Newly engaged Theis Clarke SM '04, PhD ’08 and Catherine Lee met at the Hobby Shop.
Photo courtesy Kate McElwee

"I am MIT’s Dean for Student Life, not a writer. But when the Alumni Association asked me to be a regular contributor to this blog — today is my first post — I had an atypical type of writer’s block.

I wasn’t worried about being unable to write. Rather, there was too much to write about. How could I choose a subject from all the astonishing, inspiring, and unique things that happen every day in the Division of Student Life?

After just over a year here, I realize it’s a problem that’s not likely to go away. So my goal is to share with you, over time, as many great stories as I can from the MIT community. First up: the Hobby Shop..."

Read the full blog post, Hobby Shop - on Dean Colombo's Beat - to learn about Greg Schroll ’08 who was named one of Popular Mechanics “Most Brilliant Innovators of 2009” for a ball-shaped robot that he first built in the Hobby Shop and a new engagement of a couple who met in the Hobby Shop.

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