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Brain & Cognitive Sciences awards

Angus MacDonald Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
- Tim Brady G, Lindenhurst, N.Y.
- Steve Piantadosi G, Baltimore, Md.
- Lauren Barr G, Pendleton, Ind.
- Scott Gorlin G, San Francisco, Calif.
- Todd Thompson G, Austin, Texas
- Stuart Layton G, Sandy, Utah
- Nadya Modyanova G, Moscow, Russia; London, U.K.

Walle Nauta Award for Continuing Dedication to Teaching
- Mike Frank G, New York, N.Y.
- Michelle Machon G, Boston, Mass.
- Dmitriy Aronov G, New York, N.Y.
- Tim Brady G, Lindenhurst, N.Y.

BCS Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
- John Gabrieli, Co-Director, MIT Clinical Research Center
- Rebecca Saxe, assistant professor of cognitive neuroscience

BCS Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising
- Ki Goosens, assistant professor
- Carlos Lois, assistant professor of neuroscience
- Laura Schulz, assistant professor

Honorable Mention for Outstanding Research
- Isabel Chang '10, Korea
- Avril Kenney '11, Oakland, Calif.
- Alexandra May '10, Des Moines, Iowa
- Jessica Kim '10, Alamo, Calif.
- Seleeke Flingai '11, Minneapolis, Minn.
- Aimi Watanabe '11, Lahaina, Hawaii

Honorable Mention for Outstanding Academic Record--Represents a perfect MIT GPA
- Kevin Wang '10, New York, N.Y.
- Genevieve Conley '10, Eugene, Ore.
- llie Sougandis '10, Austin, Texas
- Lynne Tye '10, Ithaca, N.Y.
- Anikia Tucker '10, Kingston, Jamaica
- Aditya Joshi '10, Schenectady, N.Y.
- Matthew Cohen '10, Newton, Mass.
- Avril Kenney '11, Oakland, Calif.
- Kelly Drinkwater '11, Belmont, Calif.
- Ryan Andrews '10, Belle Vernon, Pa.

Hans-Lukas Teuber Award for Outstanding Academics--Represents a perfect GPA for four years of study at MIT
- Sha-har Adomni '09, Great Neck, N.Y.
- Alice Ainsworth '09, Burke, Va.
- Stephanie Brenman '09, Newton, Mass.
- Abigail Clark '09, Springfield, Va.
- Jacquelyn Gold '09, Boca Raton, Fla.
- Denise Ichinco '09, Emerson, N.J.
- Kimberly Reinhold '09, Hilo, Hawaii
- Matthew Serna '09, Edinburg, Texas
- Irina Shklyar '09, Sherman Oaks, Calif.
- Angeline Wang '09, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Walle J. H. Nauta Award for Outstanding Research in Brain and Cognitive Sciences
- Rachel Tsunemoto '09, Honolulu, Hawaii
- Abigail Clark '09, Springfield, Va.
- Kimberly Reinhold '09, Hilo, Hawaii
- David Purger '09, Fairfax, Va.
- Denise Ichinco '09, Emerson, N.J.
- Alice Ainsworth '09, Burke, Va.
- Stephanie Brenman '09, Newton, Mass.
- Kiersten Pollard '09, Denver, Colo.
- Olga Felsovalyi '09, Bloomfield, N.J.
- Carlos Cardenas '09, San Diego, Calif.
- Stephanie Chan '09, Hong Kong, China
- Jacob Ruzevic '09, Coronado, Calif.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 3, 2009 (download PDF).

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