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Arts awards

Brad and Dorothea Endicott Award--In recognition of distinguished service and musical contribution to world music
- Thomas Carr '09, Fredericksburg, Va.

Gregory Tucker Memorial Prizes--In recognition of exceptional ability in performance and overall contribution to the Music and Theater Arts Section
- Yi-Hsin Lin '09, New York, N.Y.
- Benjamin Park '10, Jamaica Plain, Mass.

Everett Longstreth Jazz Awards--In recognition of distinguished service and musical contribution to the - - MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble
- Christopher Han '09, Clemson, S.C.
- Jack Murphy '10, Denton, Texas

Richard and Jody Nordlof Awards--In recognition of distinguished service and musical contribution to the - - MIT Wind Ensemble
- Kaitlyn Becker '09, Narberth, Pa.
- Matthew Putnam '09, Round Rock, Texas
- Brandon Reese '09, Alpharetta, Ga.

Epstein Award--In recognition of distinguished service and musical contribution to the MIT Symphony Orchestra
- Bina Choi '11, Houston, Texas

Philip Loew Memorial Awards--In recognition of creative accomplishment in music
- Christopher Kottke G, Cambridge, Mass.
- Annie Raymond '09, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
- Kathryn Shroyer '09, San Antonio, Texas

J. and E. Ruina Certificates--In recognition of special gifts
- Jodie-Marie Fernandes '09, St. James, Trinidad and Tobago
- Thomas Carr '09, Fredericksburg, Va.

Ragnar and Margaret Naess Certificates--In recognition of exceptional talent and commitment to performance at MIT
- Exceptional Vocal Student: Yelena Bagdasarova '10, Twin Falls, Idaho
- Exceptional Vocal Student: Elisabeth Hon Hunt G, Fort Myers, Fla.
- Exceptional Vocal Student: Paulina Sliwa G, Hahnstaetten, Germany
- Exceptional Pianist: Nathan Haouzi '10, Hummelstown, Pa.
- Exceptional Pianist: Eun-Suk Lee G, Seoul, South Korea
- Exceptional Pianist: Khoa L. Nguyen '10, Houston, Texas
- Exceptional Pianist: Sarah Rumbley '12, Lafayette, Colo.
- Exceptional Pianist: Xiao Xiao '09, Metarie, La.
- Exceptional Percussionist: Simone Ovsey '09, Northridge, Calif.
- Exceptional Percussionist: Christopher Hainley G, Springfield, Ore.
- Exceptional Wind Player: Dylan Sherry '12, Cape Elizabeth, Maine
- Exceptional Wind Player: Benjamin Steinhorn '12, Chicago, Ill.
- Exceptional String Player: Tanya Goldhaber '10, Boulder, Colo.
- Exceptional String Player: Sherman Jia G, Roslyn Heights, N.Y.

Emerson Music Fellowships
- Thomas Carr '09, Fredericksburg, Va., for piano
- Alvin Chen '10, Irvine, Calif., for piano
- Bina Choi '09, Houston, Texas, for cello
- Elisabeth Hon Hunt G, Fort Myers, Fla., for voice
- Nicholas Joliat '10, Lexington, Mass., for piano
- Jennifer Lai '11, Honolulu, Hawaii, for piano
- Andrew Wang '11, Sugarland, Texas, for piano

The Joseph D. Everingham Award--Recognizes a single creative outstanding performance or notable creative accomplishments in theater arts by a graduating senior
- Ashley Micks, Columbus, Ohio
- Sally Peach, Bessemer City, N.C.

Edward S. Darna Awards--Presented to a graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in theater arts and made a substantial contribution to the health of theater life on the MIT campus
- Hanna Kuznetsov, Lexington, Mass.
- Brian Demers, West Boylston, Mass.

I. Austin Kelly III Essay Prize--For best undergraduate essay
- Cristen Blair Chinea '10, New York, N.Y.

Kelley-Douglas Summer '09 Traveling Fellowships
- Jose Barcena '10, Bronx, N.Y.
- Jodie-Marie Fernandes '09, St. James, Trinidad and Tobago
- Brooke Jarrett '10, Palatine, Ill.
- Diana Jue '09, Los Angeles, Calif.
- SeoHyung Kim '10, Cheong-ju, South Korea
- Amy Leung '10, Brooklyn, N.Y.
- Yujing Li '10, Bronx, N.Y.
- Christie Lin '11, Rockville, Md.
- Richard Prevost '11, Springfield, Va.
- Sukrit Ranjan '10, Northbrook, Ill.
- Adam Talsma '10, Scottville, Mich.
- Jingwen Tao '09, Houston, Texas
- Liz Theurer '10, Newberry, Fla.
- James Ira Winder '10, Asheville, N.C.


Boit Manuscript Prize-Drama
- 1st prize: Anneke Schwob '10
- 2nd prize: Long Lam '10
- Honorable Mention: Jonathan Sue-Ho '10

Boit Manuscript Prize-Essay
- 1st prize: Marguerite Siboni '10
- 1st prize: Jason E. Douglas '11

Boit Manuscript Prize-Fiction
- 1st prize: Lindsay Johnson '11
- 2nd prize: Minah Shahbaz '09
- Honorable Mention: Susan Shepherd '11
- Honorable Mention: Anna Waldman-Brown '11

Boit Manuscript Prize-Poetry
- 1st prize: Renee Reder '10
- 2nd prize: Seohyung Kim '10
- Honorable Mention: Sarah Campbell Proehl '09

Ellen King Prize for Freshman Writing
- 1st prize: Kelechi Nwosu '12
- 2nd prize: Aimee Harrison '12
- Honorable Mention: Jessica Lin '12

Enterprise Poets Prize in Imagining a Future
- 1st prize: Tony Hyun Kim '09
- 1st prize: Nevada Sanchez '10
- 2nd prize: Anna Waldman-Brown '11

Prize for Writing Science Fiction
- 1st prize: Gillian Conahan '10
- 2nd prize: Susan Shepherd '11
- Honorable Mention: Natania Antler '09

The Robert A. Boit Writing-Essay
- 1st prize: Marguerite Siboni '10
- 2nd prize: Kristen Uhmeyer '09
- 2nd prize: Cristen Blair Chinea '10

The Robert A. Boit Writing Prize-Poetry
- 1st prize: Sarah Campbell Proehl '09
- 2nd prize: Liz Hanson '11
- 3rd prize: Alexandra Corella '10

The Robert A. Boit Writing Prize-Short Story
- 1st prize: Seohyung Kim '10
- 2nd prize: Anneke Schwob '10
- 2nd prize: Renee Reder '10

S. Klein Prize For Science Writing
- 1st prize: Genevieve Wanucha G
- 2nd prize: Yuri Hanada '10

S. Klein Prize For Technical Writing
- 2nd prize: Tony (Hyun) Kim '09
- 2nd prize: Annick Aubin Pouliot '09

DeWitt Wallace Prize for Science Writing for the Public
- 1st prize: Matthew Meiser '11
- 1st prize: Fangfei Shen '11
- 2nd prize: Anneke Schwob '10
- Honorable Mention: Chris Kennedy '10

Vera List for Writing on the Visual Arts
- 1st prize: Seohyung Kim '10
- 2nd prize: George Hansel '12

WHS Prize for Engineering Writing
- 1st prize: Clara Yuan '09
- 2nd prize: Eric Dow '09
- nd prize: Garrett Robinson '09
- Honorable Mention: Katrina Westerhof '10

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 3, 2009 (download PDF).

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