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New office a 'one-stop home' for MIT security needs

MIT launched a Security and Emergency Management Office this summer to coordinate campus security policies and provide assistance with security questions and advice on installing security systems.

The office, which was instrumental in devising and implementing this week's drill to test the Institute's emergency communications systems, also serves as a formal bridge between the MIT Police and the Environment, Health and Safety Office.

William C. Van Schalkwyk, managing director of environmental health and safety programs, said the new office serves as a "one-stop home" where MIT community members can receive service and advice on preparing for emergencies, security, and access controls for labs, work and living areas.

"For several years we have seen increasing need for services from our community on the topics of security and preparing for emergencies and outages," Van Schalkwyk said. "This new office will have responsibility to serve the Institute's increasing needs to assist local departments and the Institute in satisfying sensible security needs."

Located in N52, the security office consists of three members of the MIT staff with extensive experience in security and emergency issues. They are David M. Barber, emergency response specialist; Thomas W. Komola, a former campus police project manager; and Daniel L. Michaud, the former manager of the MIT Card Office. Michaud will continue to administer several of the campus security systems formerly under the control of the Card Office.

The security office reports to John DiFava, the director of security and chief of MIT Police. Its e-mail address is

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