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This IAP, scope out IT

During IAP 2008, IS&T will sponsor several sessions to help you boost your computing IQ. Learn about the greening of information technology (IT) or how to secure sensitive data. Drop by the Adaptive Technology Open House, which will highlight magnification devices, Braille embossing, accessibility features in the Mac operating system, and alternative keyboard and pointing devices. If you're a programmer or system administrator, you may want to check out sessions on Mac OS X Leopard Server or ABAP, the SAP programming language. For a complete listing of IS&T offerings, visit

IS&T launches wiki service

IS&T recently launched an enterprise wiki service for MIT. Wikis are web sites whose content can be edited by anyone who has permission; they enable online collaboration in a convenient, user-friendly and secure way. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia at, is the most famous example of a wiki.

The MIT Wiki Service offers simplified web-page editing and the ability to pull in content such as Google Maps. Integrated with MIT web certificates, Moira group management and Stellar class lists, the service features a wide range of permission options, including access for non-MIT users.

The iLabs Project, MIT Press and several courses are already using the service. If you're interested in setting up a wiki and would like to learn more, visit

MIT's DHL SmartShip

DHL is MIT's partner vendor for express shipments in the U.S. and abroad, with rates 30 to 40 percent lower than those for FedEx and UPS. MIT's DHL SmartShip web site adds convenience to the equation. You can create and print airbills online, including airbills for hazardous materials. You can also compare costs of shipping options, schedule pickups and track packages. The system uses your MIT certificate to authenticate you.

The first time you use SmartShip you'll need to set up a user profile. When you're ready to create an airbill, be sure to enter the correct address information and a valid MIT cost object. Note that DHL SmartShip is for MIT shipments only, not personal shipments.

At this time SmartShip does not work with Safari; Macintosh users can access the site with Firefox. On Windows, the recommended browser is Internet Explorer.

To use SmartShip, go to Be sure to check out the tips, including working with pop-up windows. If you have questions about the service, contact Catelin Matos in Procurement at For technical help, contact the Computing Help Desk at

Sleep mode saves energy

Today's personal computers come with advanced power management. These energy-saving features--standard in Windows and Macintosh operating systems--place inactive monitors and computers into a low-power usage "sleep" mode. A simple touch of the mouse or keyboard "wakes" the computer and monitor in seconds.

It's simple to customize these settings on your desktop or laptop. For instructions, see For more guidelines about saving energy on personal computers, see the IT-Energy@MIT Initiative web page at

Note: Check with your local IT support provider before changing any configurations on your machine to avoid disrupting important services such as TSM backup. If you are unable to change your energy settings, they have likely been restricted by your local IT support.

Digitalk is compiled by Information Services and Technology.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on December 12, 2007 (download PDF).

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