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Dec. 27 update on status of One Broadway: Alarm testing, construction

Please note: To access communications after Jan. 11, 2007, as well as full archives, please refer to the MITIMCO web site for One Broadway.

The memo below, the latest update on One Broadway, was sent Dec. 27 from Steven C. Marsh, managing director of real estate for the MIT Investment Management Company (MITIMCO), and Michael K. Owu, director of real estate for MITIMCO, to tenants and employees in One Broadway.

We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on some developments at One Broadway.

First, we will be doing preliminary testing of the fire alarm system this Friday morning (Dec. 29). As a result, tenant access to the building will be shifted to later in the afternoon -- from 2 to 3:30 p.m. We hope this does not pose any additional inconvenience for you.

Also, some of you may have noticed some construction activity involving NStar vehicles on Third Street. NStar is currently doing repair work on a gas line that runs under Third Street. Several weeks ago we notified NStar after noticing a faint smell of gas in the basement of One Broadway. It appears a small amount of gas entered the basement through other utility conduits serving the building.

NStar has since made repairs that are preventing any gas from entering the basement and is currently working on fixing the line in order to stop the leak at its source.

Just to be clear, the repair work that is now being done should not affect our plans to re-occupy the building in any way.

We are moving ahead with our plans for temporary occupancy and expect to have an update on the timing of this for you shortly.

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