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Dec. 17 update on status of One Broadway: Health assessments

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Please note: To access communications after Jan. 11, 2007, as well as full archives, please refer to the MITIMCO web site for One Broadway.

Below is a memo sent Dec. 17 from Steven C. Marsh, managing director of real estate for the MIT Investment Management Company (MITIMCO), and Michael K. Owu, director of real estate for MITIMCO, to tenants and employees in One Broadway regarding health assessments of the building.

Last Friday we included in our communication to you an update on the progress of the environmental quality evaluation being conducted by Environmental Health & Engineering (EH&E) at One Broadway. This update showed that the testing results to date do not indicate harmful materials in the soot at levels of concern.

The next step, which is well underway, is to extrapolate from these and additional tests which EH&E has been conducting, to address questions and concerns about possible health risks from exposure to the smoke.

For the past week, EH&E has been collecting data related to potential health risks which we will provide to you as soon as their assessment is complete. We do not yet have all the test results but are doing everything we can to expedite the process. This kind of testing takes time and we want to ensure we have all the information necessary to give you as complete and most importantly, as accurate an account as possible -- and to present it in a way that is useful and answers your questions.

We are continuing to collect data and fully expect that within a matter of days we will be able to provide you with a comprehensive response to your health concerns. Once this information is available, we will provide it to you directly. We are also in the process of reaching out to several occupational health and other medical experts who will be available to answer your questions both individually and in appropriate forums which we will organize.

Again, we fully appreciate the questions and concerns you have about the possible health risks and are working diligently to provide you with as complete and accurate an analysis as possible in short order.

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