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Department of Urban Studies and Planning awards

All recipients are graduate students in DUSP unless otherwise indicated.

Burchard Scholar
- Jonathan Harris '06, Chicago, Ill.

Kelly-Douglas Award
- Michael Brown, West Orange, N.J.

Martin Family Society of Graduate Fellows in Sustainability
- Salo Coslovsky, SÌ£o Paulo, Brazil
- Zhan Guo, Heze City, China

Louis Seigle Fellowship
- Amy Deora, San Antonio, Texas

Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture 2005-06 Travel Grants
- Jigar Bhatt, Hopelawn, N.J.
- Daniel Berry, Caracas, Venezuela

Carroll Wilson Award
- Hania Nabli Maraqa, Jordan
- Dhakshike Wickrema, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ralph Adams Cram Award--for outstanding multidisciplinary work in the School of Architecture and Planning
- Lecturer Greg Morrow (M.C.P. 2003)

Harold Horowitz (1951) Student Research Fund
- Daniel Berry, Caracas, Venezuela
- Ryan Allen, Winston-Salem, N.C.

MIT-Mellon Program Grant Award
- Hiba Bou Akar, Beirut, Lebanon
- Xiaodong Wang, Shandong, China
- Hongliang Zhang, Wuhan, China
- Hania Nabil Maraqa, Jordan

MISTI China Program, Research and Travel Grant
- Erik Nielsen, Toronto, Ontario

Wallenberg Fellowship in Environment and Sustainability
- Anjali Mahendra, New Delhi, India

MIT Program on Human Rights and Justice Summer Internships
- Gabrielle Kruks-Wiesner, Oberlin, Ohio
- Nancy Odeh, Ottawa, Ontario
- Seth Pipkin, San Diego, Calif.
- Basilia Yao, New York, N.Y.

CIS/Starr Student Travel Fellowships
- Masahiro Matsuura, Tosu, Japan

MISTI Germany Program Research and Travel Grant
- Nadya Nilina, New York, N.Y.

William Emerson Travel Award
- Anne Herbst, Roslindale, Mass.
- Dhakshike Wickrema, Colombo, Sri Lanka
- Valentina Zuin, Milan, Italy
- Ryan Allen, Winston-Salem, N.C.
- Salo Coslovsky, SÌ£o Paulo, Brazil
- Nancy Odeh, Ottawa, Ontario

Lloyd and Nadine Rodwin Travel Award
- Michael Brown, West Orange, N.J.
- Georgeta Vidican, Romania
- Hania Nabli Maraqa, Jordan
- Holly Krambeck, Alexandria, Va.
- Dhakshike Wickrema, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Urban Design Certificate
- Anubhav Gupta, New Delhi, India
- Lily Baum Pollans, Dorchester, Mass.
- Danielle M. McCarthy, Winchester, Mass.
- Roger Malubag Torino Jr., Bakersfield, Calif.
- Sarah Elizabeth Williams, Washington, D.C.

Boston-Area Affordable Housing Development Competition
First place: Chinatown Community Fulcrum
- Caitlin Gallagher, Fair Haven, N.J.
- Carrie Grassi, Arlington, Va.
- Jake Wegmann, Edmonton, Alberta.
Second place: Moody Street Common
- Shannon Christmas, Baltimore, Md.
Honorable mention: Codman Crossing
- Ifeoma Ebo, Brooklyn, N.Y.
- Brittanya Murillo, National City, Calif.
- Kiara Nagel, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Gerald Hines/ULI Urban Design Competition
Second place:
- Ommeed Sathe, Princeton, N.J.
Honorable mention:
- Jeffrey Fugate, Bowling Green, Ky.
- Jeremy Shaw, San Diego, Calif.
- Ritesh Warade, Bombay, India
- Jake Wegmann, Edmonton, Alberta

AICP Student Awards
Honorable mention: Claremont-McCarthy Project
- Whitney Foutz, Blacksburg, Va.
- Diana Bernal, Glendale, Calif.
- Leslie Mullins, Cleveland, Ohio.
- Ray Hodges (M.C.P. 2004)

Marsha Ritzdorf Award--for the best student work on diversity, social justice and the role of women in planning
- Tara Kumar (M.C.P. 2004)

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 1, 2005 (download PDF).

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