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Online system makes it simpler to track degree requirements

The Registrar's Office, in collaboration with Student Services Information Technology, recently implemented an online degree tracking system and a redesigned registration form for students, faculty and academic administrators.

The new online degree system connects students, academic departments and the Registrar's Office, facilitating the submission of degree applications, review of degree requirements and approval of degree candidacy.

With the new system, students can submit their applications online at WebSIS and provide information critical to the approval of degrees, the production of diplomas and the publication of the commencement book. They can update their information and check on the progress of their applications. Academic departments can use the system to track students' degree requirements, produce reports and communicate with students and the Registrar's Office.

The new registration form provides more pertinent information in a clearer format. New features of the form that support the advising process are a smaller, more manageable size, display of student pictures and messaging capabilities.

"Both initiatives provide the academic community with tools that significantly improve the information available for advising, registration and degree approval," said Registrar Mary Callahan. "The functionality of the new degree system integrates a broad range of academic information to help departments manage the degree process. The new registration form is easier to use and contains more relevant data."

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on November 3, 2004 (download PDF).

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