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Sloan to introduce Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership

The Sloan School of Management is redefining the future of executive education with the introduction of a new degree program--the MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership.

The program, which will be launched next summer, blends the strengths of Sloan's existing executive education programs with a flexible schedule option.

The Sloan Fellows Program, founded in 1931, was the first corporate-sponsored degree program in the world for high-potential mid-career individuals. The Management of Technology Program, introduced in the 1980s, was the first graduate degree program of its kind to integrate management, technology and innovation, inspiring 200 similar programs around the world.

The Sloan Fellows Program has prepared individuals for leadership positions in global enterprises, and the Management of Technology Program has served those with strong technical and entrepreneurial backgrounds.

Until now, students have taken a year off from their jobs to participate in MIT Sloan's executive education programs. Following a summer term, the new program will allow participants to complete their degree in nine months of full-time study or elect the flexible option that enables them to complete their studies over two years while continuing to work. The flexible option, a new offering for MIT Sloan, will provide increased career compatibility for both participants and their organizations.

"The flexibility will attract participants and organizations from a diverse array of industries," said Sloan Dean Richard Schmalensee. "In turn, the broadened base of participants will enrich the program and enable all participants to interact with the 'innovation economy' that surrounds MIT, including large and small firms in biotech, infotech and other emerging technological domains."

Participants in the Program in Innovation and Global Leadership are expected to possess at least 10 years of experience. The program will offer sponsoring organizations and participants all the benefits of the established programs, including:

The Sloan faculty, whose contributions in management research have improved management education and practice throughout the world;

Sloan's alumni roster, comprised of leaders who have driven innovation in products, services, organizations and management methods;

A globally oriented, diverse and experienced learning community, providing an intense environment that will allow individuals to stretch and apply themselves in innovative entrepreneurial environments and globally; and

The option to earn an M.B.A., Master of Science in Management, or Master of Science in Management of Technology.

Beginning with the 12-week summer term, the program will bring together participants from dozens of countries to build a cohesive learning community while mastering management disciplines, strengthening their leadership skills, and developing their capacities as innovators.

"As the world becomes smaller and change accelerates, an education that merges innovation and entrepreneurship with global leadership is essential for business leaders," said Schmalensee. "And MIT has a distinctive ability to work with global organizations to prepare their future leaders for success by combining two outstanding programs, already considered among the best in the world."

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