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Hometown Heroes

Snippets from news stories about members of the Class of 2007
Daniel Kane

Madison West High School,

Madison, Wis.

Daniel Kane, math whiz and National Merit Scholarship finalist, does not consider himself a typical teenager. "I'm different in several ways," he told the Wisconsin State Journal. "For one thing, I'm very logically minded. That means that logical and abstract concepts come very easily to me. It also means that I have trouble understanding instructions that are not logically constructed."

Kane, the son of two college professors, competed in cross-country for four years and played clarinet in the high school band. He also acted in community Shakespeare productions and tutored classmates.

Kane, who plans to major in math, was one of 15 "profoundly gifted" students to win a $50,000 scholarship awarded by the Davidson Institute of Reno, Nev.

Kane was also featured in an AP article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

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