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Lima to lead HR's new three-person diversity team

Vice President of Human Resources Laura Avakian has announced the creation of the Staff Diversity, Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity management team, and the appointment of Philip Lima as coordinator of staff diversity initiatives.

The new team consists of Wendy Williams, director of staffing services; Robert Martinez, recruiting specialist; and Lima, who also will serve as MIT's central contact for affirmative action and equal opportunity issues involving staff.

"The team will seek to build on the significant gains in the management of the Institute's staff affirmative action and equal opportunity policies achieved by many dedicated individuals, including Regina Caines, the recently retired director of Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity Programs," said Avakian. "The MIT community profited greatly from the unique combination of Regina's expertise and leadership in the areas of affirmative action and equal opportunity and her experience as a research scientist."

Lima, who has managed MIT's retirement programs, will coordinate the creation of a new Council on Staff Diversity to be led by Executive Vice President John R. Curry and Avakian. He also will work on legal compliance issues.

The council will sponsor staff affirmative action and diversity management activities, including a thorough review of the "serious search process" for staff, said Avakian, MIT's equal opportunity officer.

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