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Mechanical engineering awards

All award recipients are mechanical engineering majors unless otherwise noted.

Carl G. Sontheimer Prize--for excellence in innovation and creativity in design

James R. White G, Beaver, W.Va.

Meredith Kamm Memorial Award--for outstanding performance in the mechanical engineering graduate program

Nicoli M. Ames G, Olympia, Wash.

Thomas Sheridan Prize--for an outstanding design project related to human factors

The 2.009 Red Team "Product Engineering Processes" (all seniors)--Jose D. Aponte, Cajuas, Puerto Rico; Stephen P. Bathurst, Alameda, Calif.; Patrick R. Buckley, New York; Andrew W. Carvey, Bedford, Mass.; William J. Fienup, St. Louis, Mo.; Jorge R. Fonseca, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico; William J. Grand, Portland, Ore.; William T. Hafer, Arlington, Va.; Marius J. Hauser, Lexington, Mass.; Brian D. Hoying, St. Henry, Ohio; Lauren A. Killian, El Cajon, Calif.; Michael N. Mulvania, Huntington Beach, Calif.; Kirstin L. Rock, Cupertino, Calif.; Rahul B. Sarathy, management, Newton, Mass.; Anthony H. Thomas II, Palm Bay, Fla.; Cameron A. Wheeler, Atherton, Calif.; and Connie Yang, Chesterfield, Mo.

John C. and Elizabeth J. Chato Award

Tulika Khemani '03, Hyderabad, India

Padmaker P. Lele Student Award--for academic excellence and an outstanding thesis

Stephen V. Samuhos '04, Franklin Township, N.J.

Alison H. Wong '03, Chesterfield, Mo.

Padmakar P. Lele Student Award--for dedicated service as an undergraduate teaching assistant

Sarah E. Mendelowitz '03, La Porte, Ind.

Melissa B. Read '04, Cambridge, Mass.

Bryan D. Schmid '03, Peachtree City, Ga.

Luis De Florez Award--for outstanding ingenuity and creativity

Alison H. Wong

Adrian N. Bischoff '03, Pittsburgh

Ethan J. Crumlin '05, Worcester, Mass.

Peter Griffith Prize--for an outstanding experimental project

Teresa S. Baker '03, EAPS, Burbank, Calif.

AMP Inc. Award--for outstanding performance in course 2.008 "Design and Manufacturing II"

Lauren E. Tsai '04, Etna, N.H.

Bryan P. Ruddy '04, Lewes, Del.

Whitelaw Prize--for originality in design for course 2.007 "Design and Manufacturing I"

Laura E. Nichols '05, New Orleans

Peter K. Augenbergs '05, Bloomington, Ind.

International Design Competition Award--for outstanding design and performance in the the 2.007 contest, "The Two Tables"

Keith V. Durand, '05, Houston; Kabir J. Mukaddam '04, Cambridge, Mass.; Jeremy D. Schwartz '05, Brooklyn, N.Y.; and Benjamin D. Smith '05, Germantown, Tenn.

Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Award--for an undergraduate project related to materials handling

Daniel G. Walker '05, Chester, Vt.

Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Award--for an undergraduate thesis related to materials handling

Darcy K. Kelly '03, Paradise, Calif.

Karolina A. Corin '03, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Michael L. Nair '03, Bethesda, Md.

Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Award--for outstanding design and performance in the 2.007 contest, "The Two Tables"

Charvak P. Karpe '04, EECS, Stillwater, Okla.; Jessica Vechakul '05, Coram, N.Y.; Christine Lin '04, architecture, Wilmington, Del.; and Courtney A. Browne '04, architecture, Sugarland, Texas

Mechanical Engineering Service Award--for dedicated service to the department

Alison H. Wong

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 4, 2003.

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