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Sloan recognizes graduate students, teachers for leadership and merit

On May 2, the Sloan School of Management awarded several merit scholarships in recognition of outstanding M.B.A. student leadership and contributions to the Sloan community. While merit awards are traditionally given to individual students, this year's ceremony also honored two collaborative student activities.

Dany Maklouf of Paris, Robert Ayan of Boston, Eitan Golani of Ramat-Gan, Israel, Eitan Becker of Somerville, Galya Racine and Dan Grotsky of Ramat Hasharon, Israel, and Basim Halaby of Beirut, Lebanon were recognized for their efforts in creating an informative and thought-provoking film and discussion series on the crisis in the Middle East.

Rachael Muecke of Houston, Jason Seay of San Francisco, Kevin Long of Middletown, Ohio, Nisa Bradley of Tulsa, Okla., Elizabeth Debus of Brookline and Jay Liven s of Boston received community appreciation awards for their work with the Sloan Olympics, a series of MBA social events and competitions.

In the traditional Merit Scholarship category, the $10,000 Seley Award Scholarships were awarded to Jennifer Bratton of Sarasota, Fla., and Matthew Rhoden of Columbia, Miss. Bratton was cited for her work in the Sloan senate and the Operations Club, while Rhoden was lauded for his creation of as well as a variety of extracurricular activities, including coordination of the EBAs and a key role in the student senate.

The Miriam Sherburne Scholarship for academic achievement and leadership went to Keith Waxelman of Arvada, Colo., who was a TA for three classes, a member of the Sloan eBusiness Awards and the alumni fundraising phonathon, and an executive officer of the senate.

The Henry B. DuPont III Scholarship, awarded for academic achievement, leadership and contribution to the community, went to Charles Pearlman of Brookline for serving on the academic committee of the senate and as a masters program committee representative to improve the overall teaching quality in the core.

Andy Rubinson of Boston was awarded the Henry Ford II Scholarship for his instrumental role in marketing Sloan to incoming students by the creation of the AdMIT binder and the relaunching of the AdMIT weekends.

Martin Trust Fellowships were awarded to Julia Abramovich of Arlington, Peter Doulas of Cambridge, Andrew Henshon of Wilbraham, Andrea Longo-Carter of Cambridge and Jeffrey Winkler of Southfield, Mich.

The Thomas Petersen Award, given by the Class of 1990 in memory of a classmate, was shared by Anne Bosser of Abondant, France and Meera Mehta of Mercer Island, Wash.


At Sloan's 12th annual Faculty Appreciation Day, seven faculty members and two teaching assistants were recognized.

Teacher of the Year honors were shared by Assistant Professor of Accounting Richard Frankel and Assistant Professor of Applied Economics Roberto Rigobon . Frankel was honored for his "amazing ability to understand where his students are in the learning process. He has an exceptional ability to spell things out clearly to the layperson and patiently explain the concepts and processes of accounting. He genuinely cares about his students and his teaching. Round this out with a great sense of humor and you have one of Sloan's finest instructors."

Students cited Rigobon as "passionate about his subject matter and able to instill curiosity and active interest in his students. He offers a wonderful and important quality with his teaching--the ability to stimulate the desire to learn and to make a difference with knowledge. Also, in a more subtle manner, he gives his students the tools they need to think for themselves."

Also honored for excellence in teaching were Paul Asquith , the Nan Yang Technical University Professor of Management; Arnold Barnett , the George Eastman Professor of Management Science; Robert Pindyck , the Mitsubishi Bank Professor in Economics and Finance; Visiting Associate Professor of Finance Kevin Rock ; and John Sterman , the Standish Professor of Management. Graduate students Timothy Tien of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and Justin Youngblood of Boudler City, Nev., received Outstanding Teaching Assistant honors.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 5, 2002.

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