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Students given awards for international research

The Center for International Studies announced that 16 students have received research awards.

Eleven graduate students in the Department of Political Science received Energy, Technology and International Affairs research funding awards. They are Peter Evans of Washington, D.C. for "Explaining Regime Scope: Power, Principle or Structure?"; Yinan He of the People's Republic of China, for "Overcoming Shadows of the Past: Interstate Reconciliation in the Wake of Traumatic Conflicts"; Michael Glosny of Chicago for "Strangulation from the Sea: A Chinese Submarine Blockade of Taiwanese Shipping"; Kelly Greenhill of Lincoln for a summer project on "People Pressure: Strategic Forced Migration as an Instrument of Statecraft and the Rising Power of the Human Rights Regime"; Heather Gregg of Nevada City, Calif., for "The Causes of Religious War"; Greg Koblentz of Brookline for "Biological Warfare and International Security"; Evangelos Liaras of Thessaloniki, Greece, for research in Athens on the history of Greek-Albanian ethnic relations; Jenny Lind of Aptos, Calif., for "Contrition and Threat Perception in International Relations"; Sarah Lischer of Durham, N.C., for "Afghan Refugees and the Spread of Civil War"; Sara Jane McCaffrey of Bronxville, N.Y., for "Demand for Skilled Labor and Human Capital Investment Policies"; and Jeremy Pressman of Arlington for "Leashes or Lemmings: Alliances as Restraining Devices." Sunil Tankha , a graduate student in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning from Austin, Texas, also won an award for "Enterprise Reform Under Privatisation."

Mellon-MIT Interuniversity Program on NGOs and Forced Migration research awards went to Catherine Diaz , a graduate student of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP) from the Bronx, N.Y., for "The Integration of Burmese Youth as Monks Through the Temples of Bangkok: How Has the Vow of Purity Functioned as a Coping Strategy by Young Asylum-Seekers?"; Rachel Gisselquist of Cambridge, a graduate student in political science, for "Ivoirit� and Liberian Refugees in C��te d'Ivoire: Assessing the Effects of Domestic Politics and Rising Ethnic Tensions on Refugees"; Jennifer Mack , a DUSP graduate student from Maumee, Ohio, for "Ice Skating and Island Hopping: Refugees, Integration and Access in a Segregated City"; and Scott Radnitz of La Habra, Calif., a graduate student in political science, for "The Political Factors Contributing to In- and Out-Migration in Uzbekistan."

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 5, 2002.

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