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Alumni Association honors three

Beth Garvin receives her honorary membership to the Alumni Association from outgoing Alumni Association president L. Robert Johnson during Tech Day ceremonies
Beth Garvin receives her honorary membership to the Alumni Association from outgoing Alumni Association president L. Robert Johnson during Tech Day ceremonies
Photo / Laura Wulf

Elizabeth A. Garvin, managing director of the MIT Association of Alumni and Alumnae , is now a member of the organization she has served for 14 years--much to her surprise.

Garvin was called to the podium at the annual Technology Day luncheon Saturday when outgoing president, L. Robert Johnson (S.B. 1963), announced the new honorary members of the Association. Also named were Rosalind H. Williams, the Metcalfe Professor of Writing, and Associate Professor Margery Resnick of foreign languages and literatures.

"Through all those years, and in her many roles, Beth engages both alumni and staff with her positive manner, her sense of humor, and her infectious smile," said Johnson, in making the announcement.

"I was very surprised and tremendously honored, especially when such distinguished faculty were being recognized at the same time," said Garvin.

Williams started her teaching career at MIT in 1983 as a lecturer in the writing program. She is director of the Program in Science, Technology and Society and the Robert M. Metcalfe Professor of Writing in STS and the Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies. During her tenure as dean of students and undergraduate education from 1995-2000, Williams displayed "an abiding concern and love for the MIT community," Johnson said. "In all her roles at MIT, Williams has been extremely supportive of alumni and the work of the Alumni Association."

Resnick is project director of the Margaret MacVicar Memorial AMITA Oral History Project. "In addition to her strong volunteer support of this and other AMITA projects, Resnick has been a gracious and popular speaker for many MIT club and affinity group events, and has been a superb lecturer for the MIT Alumni Travel Program. All of the aforementioned activities are in addition to her role as associate professor of Hispanic Studies and MacVicar Faculty Fellow in the foreign languages and literatures section of MIT's Department of Humanities," Johnson said.


Gifts from the reunion classes were also presented at the lunch. Johnson announced that a record $90.1 million was donated to the Alumni Fund by the reunion classes, surpassing last year's total, and the previous record, of $76.3 million. This includes record-setting gifts of $42 million from the Class of 1962 for its 40th reunion and $15.4 million from the Class of 1942 for its 60th.

The Class of 1952 celebrated its 50th reunion by donating $13.1 million, which includes contributions to the Class of 1952 Scholarship Fund and the Class of 1952 Educational Initiatives Fund. The Class of 1977 raised $3.7 million to celebrate its 25th reunion, which includes $54,780 for the Class of 1977 Student Aid Fund.

More information about the reunion gifts and the totals from all the reunion classes can be found online here .

President Charles M. Vest accepted the reunion gifts on behalf of the Institute and thanked the alumni for their participation. "The generosity of our alumni is always a matter of serious practical importance. We could not sustain the excellence and accessibility of MIT without your continued help," Vest said.

Johnson concluded the luncheon by introducing his successor, James A. Lash (S.B. 1966), chair of Manchester Principal in Greenwich, Conn. Lash, a current member of the Corporation and Campaign Steering Committee, is the Association's 108th president.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 12, 2002.

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