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10-digit dialing to be required

Starting Monday, April 2, all calls within eastern Massachusetts, local or toll, will require 10 digits: the area code plus the phone number. Mandatory 10-digit dialing is necessary because four new area codes are being overlaid on the existing area codes to handle the demand for new telephone numbers.

For MIT, the new calling pattern means:

  • Calls within MIT and using the MIT tie lines are unchanged.
  • Outgoing calls to the 617 area will require the area code.
  • Outgoing calls to all other area codes remain the same (1 + area code + phone number).
  • When giving out MIT phone numbers, be sure to include the 617 area code.
  • Tether subscribers in the 617 area must set up their computers to dial 617-679-4000 when connecting; for details, see the Tether web page.

Users may need to reprogram equipment and services that involve phoning, including fax machines, modems, security systems, call forwarding and speed-dialing lists.

For more information, see the i/s newsletter article, "Eastern Massachusetts Getting Mandatory Ten-Digit Numbers."

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on March 21, 2001.

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