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Alumni Assn., CMS create web sites

The Alumni Association has put together an "Are You Okay?" bulletin-board web site where alumni who might have been affected by last week's events can post a message to let the MIT community know they're safe. The address is

As of Monday afternoon, more than 50 alumni had posted messages for friends and others to see.

The site also has links to a list of World Trade Center companies, White House news and information, and the American Red Cross.


Students, faculty and staff from the Comparative Media Studies program, with contributions from friends and colleagues around the world, have created Reconstructions, a website devoted to reflections on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Pennsylvania tragedies and aftermath.

"We had been discussing the role of media theory during a time of crisis in my theory class and a student asked whether there was any way that they --individually or as a community--could make a difference in the current discussions of this tragedy," said Professor Henry Jenkins, director of Comparative Media Studies (CMS). "Inspired by that question, I called a town meeting of any person from CMS who was interested in participating in some kind of project which might help promote rational discussion and mutual understanding during a time charged with enormous emotions and risks."

The web site, created during marathon sessions over the weekend, may be accessed here.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 19, 2001.

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