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MIT and Gartner to study the worldwide transition to the 21st century workplace

Multisponsored collaborative learning project to create vision of the future

Stamford, Conn.--Gartner Group, Inc. (NYSE: IT and ITB) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) School of Architecture and Planning today announced a collaborative research project to study the global trends, best practices and new business models that will create, maintain, and service the 21st century workplace.

Gartner and MIT have combined their research capabilities, resources and global market access for this study. This project brings together two world-class competencies: Gartner's unique perspective on the e-business environment and IT, and MIT's world-renowned knowledge of changing workplace trends. Gartner and MIT will work with sponsor-partners that are actively contributing to the development of this new industry. Multiple sponsor-partner workshops will focus on specific topics and participate in case study work, and a monthly publication of research units will be delivered to sponsors on preliminary findings.

For more information on this collaborative research project, please contact Clem Natale, Gartner research analyst, at (203) 316-3534 or

"Drawing from the domains of brick-and-mortar elements, cyberspace and logistics, this new workplace started to take form in the last decade to serve enterprises faced with relentless pressure to create and manage cost-effective, lean and agile infrastructure aligned with radically changing work," said Michael Bell, Gartner's research director of the business management of IT. "Today, the Internet economy dramatically increases the pressure as it rapidly transforms the nature of work, business models, value chains and business processes."

Michael L. Joroff, senior lecturer in MIT's school of architecture and planning, commented, "As traditional organization structures and business processes change, the workplace is morphing into a blend of traditional brick-and-mortar elements and cyberspaces. This new workplace is characterized by flexible work arrangements, social and collaborative work settings and new forms of urban and cybercommunities."

Mr. Joroff and Mr. Bell serve as co-directors of the project. Some of the sponsors, including innovative corporate real estate groups and leading service and product providers, are: British Telecommunications, Sun Microsystems, Procter & Gamble, Cisco Systems, U.S. General Services Administration, Cigna, Johnson Controls Integrated Facility Management, Peregrine Systems, Jamcracker, Regus Business Centers, Teknion, UrbanMedia, Interior Architects, Trillium, Cushman & Wakefield, Liberty Property Trust and Takenaka Corporation.

At their first project meeting in July, the sponsors were particularly interested in understanding how work style will change in light of new Internet-enabled tools and communication processes. Mr. Joroff noted that a sense exists that the workplace is no longer just a place but a bundle of services and settings that support the individual worker regardless of where or when they work. Mr. Bell emphasized that the study has brought together a diverse group of enterprises that span the industry spectrum and service product companies from high tech to global consumer products, which will give the project a unique multifaceted perspective.

"We believe this project will help redefine a new concept of the workplace and the industry that supports it," Joroff stated. "Tremendous confusion exists on how the various forces of change will affect people in their work and personal lives. A key theme of this project is to bring clarity to a highly diverse yet critical topic for global enterprise. All sponsors agreed that new patterns of work are demanding a renewed focus on creating and supporting highly flexible, customized, and quality work environments that will help to attract and retain talented employees."

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