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Cyber Sisters and Virtual Visionaries

An MIT celebration of women of color in the information age

"Cyber Sisters and Virtual Visionaries," a day-long, interactive conference at MIT's Stratton Student Center on Saturday, Feb. 6, will bring together women of color who are actively involved in the design, production, distribution and use of information technology. The event is open to women of color age 15 and older.

The conference is sponsored by the MIT Community Fellows Program as part of MIT's 25th annual celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The goals of conference are:

  • To demonstrate to young women of color that they can develop careers, power, and connections to others in the information age;
  • To forge connections and mentoring relationships between women and girls of color who are engaged in evolving technologies;
  • To build an online resource for women of color interested in information technology;
  • To develop interest in a national conference on "Women of Color in the Information Age."

Participants will explore and discuss their work in information technology, exchange information and ideas, and create a jumping-off point for further discussion and networking. A website will be created to provide the means to involve more women and girls of color in information technology.

Enrollment is limited. The deadline for registration is Feb. 1.

For additional information, or to register for the conference, please contact Nuri Chandler-Smith at, by phone at (617) 252-1380, or via fax at (617) 258-6515.

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