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MIT Bates Linear Accelerator Center to hold Open House in Middleton

Middleton, MA -- The Bates Laboratory is hosting an Open House on Sunday, October 3 from noon to 4 pm. The Bates Laboratory is located off Route 62 (west) on 21 Manning Road in Middleton, MA. Everyone is welcome to come and join us. Bring the whole family.

Bates is a world-class scientific facility that carries out frontier research in the field of nuclear physics. Many of the 85 scientific and technical personnel will be on hand to greet you and show you around the facility. While you are visiting you will be able to explore our huge detectors OOPS and BLAST in the South Experimental Hall, see our awesome control room, and try your hand at a scientific demonstration like Newton's Folly or figure out how we can get an object to roll UP hill.

The central research focus at Bates is the study of the fundamental properties of the proton, including its magnetism and shape. A new major detector is under construction that will probe the fundamental origin of magnetism.

The Laboratory is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and operated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a national facility.

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