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MIT plays host to Kosher Pickle Taste-off

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Kosher pickles from Arkansas, Ohio and Israel will compete with the pride of the Lower East Side of Manhattan and domestic products in the first Kosher Pickle Taste-off since 1986 at MIT on Wednesday, January 14, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

In all, 14 selected brands will be judged for bouquet, color, overall flavor, texture, crispness, spice and after-taste at the Stratton Student Center's West Lounge.

The contest, free and open to the public, will concentrate on the traditional sour and half-sour pickled cucumbers. No sweet gherkins, sour tomatoes or new age concoctions will be sampled. This is not a blind tasting; the pickles will be served directly out of their jars. Water and crackers will be served to clear the palate between puckers.

The tasting is sponsored by the MIT Jewish Campus Services Corps. as part of the Institute's Independent Activities Period. Winners will be posted at appropriate MIT bulletin boards within 24 hours of the event.

You are invited to send a reporter and photographer to cover the Kosher Pickle Taste-off. For additional information, contact Sarah Wright or Bob Sales in the MIT News Office (617- 253-2700) or Adam Bovilsky at MIT Hillel.

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