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Awards and Honors

Professor Shafrira Goldwasser of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was named as one of three winners of the 1998 RSA Award by RSA Data Security, Inc. Instituted this year, RSA's award recognizes individuals and organizations "who have made significant contributions to security issues and cryptography in the areas of mathematics, public policy and industry." Dr. Goldwasser, winner of the mathematics award, was cited for her expertise in complexity theory, number theory and cryptography. She was named to the first RSA Professorship at MIT last year (MIT Tech Talk, Aug. 27, 1997).������������������

Carl D. Martland, a senior research associate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, recently received the Distinguished Transportation Researcher Award from the Transportation Research Forum. This lifetime achievement award recognizes his innovative research for the rail freight industry. His work "aided the revitalization of America's railroads, improving their efficiency, productivity and service quality," the award said. Mr. Martland developed the PMAKE methodology and the TRACS model of costing analysis, both of which have been widely adopted by railroads in North America. Mr. Martland, who is head of the MIT Rail Group, has been a member of MIT's research staff since 1972.

Sarah Gallop, assistant for government and community relations in the President's Office, received the Business Woman of the Year Award at the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce's Excellence in Business Awards Banquet on January 29. The award recognizes "a woman who demonstrates outstanding leadership and professional excellence in the community as well as involvement that makes contributions toward enhancing the image of women in business." Ms. Gallop, chair of the Chamber's board of directors, is also president-elect of the Rotary Club and serves on the CASPAR Emergency Services Center advisory committee.

Mary Jane McGlennon, president of Women in Development of Greater Boston, wrote a letter to President Charles M. Vest to express gratitide for the volunteer efforts of Sarah M. Carothers, assistant dean for development in the School of Engineering. Ms. McGlennon noted that Ms. Carothers is Equity Committee co-chair and a member of the board of directors for the nonprofit organization, which provides professional growth opportunities for women in development. She cited Dr. Vest's "indirect yet important support of our efforts��������������������������� by encouraging Sarah's involvement."

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on February 11, 1998.

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