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Parking and T pass updates


The Parking and Transportation Office (Rm E32-105) is now open until 6pm during the last three business days of each month to issue MIT-subsidized MBTA passes. The hours of distribution during the last three business days of the month are as follows:

Parking and Transportation Office--9am-6pm
Lobby 10--10am-3:30pm
The Source (Student Center)--9am-5pm

All passes that aren't picked up during the last three business days (February 26-28 for March passes) at the above locations will be available in the Parking and Transportation Office from 9am-4pm the rest of each month. Any participant who wants to change pickup locations may do so by sending e-mail to>. Those who would like to begin participating in the subsidized MBTA pass program should see their department's parking coordinator or call x3-9701.


Any MIT-affiliated person involved in the deliberate destruction of MIT parking access control gates may be required to make a restitution to the Institute. If they refuse to comply, their parking privileges may be taken away. Those involved have the right to appeal to the Violation Appeals Committee within 30 days of the violation.


New parking signs were installed on Audrey Street recently. Previously there were no signs indicating whether parking was allowed. The new signs indicate that MIT permit parking is allowed on both sides of the street; a Westgate permit is needed for the east side and a North permit is needed for the west side. Any questions concerning parking signs or designations can be sent to>.


New parking access control gates have been installed in the Deacon lot near the MIT Medical Department. The gates will begin 24-hour service on Monday, March 3. Employees with either a Deacon Lot or East area Occasional parking permit may park in the Deacon lot. Occasional parking for the East area will only be available in the Deacon and Sloan lots, as the Hayward lot will no longer accept occasional parking. Regular commuters with an East permit may no longer park in the Deacon lot after March 3. East permit holders may use the CRA lot (corner of Ames and Main Streets) if all the other lots are full.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on February 26, 1997.

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