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MIT Professor Wins $150,000 Swedish Award for Achievements in Hydrology

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Peter S. Eagleson, MIT Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has been awarded the $150,000 Stockholm Water Prize for his achievements in hydrology, the science of water.

Throughout his career, Professor Eagleson has developed and promoted the science of hydrology. His work seeks fundamental understanding of the processes that control the various elements of the hydrologic cycle, globally and locally. His 1970 textbook, "Dynamic Hydrology," redefined the field in quantitative terms and emphasized the inexorable link between land surface hydrologic processes and the atmosphere. He is "to be commended for single-handedly elevating hydrology to the level of a major scholarly science, " said Alf-Goran Dahlberg, Chairman of the Stockholm Water Prize Nominating Committee.

Professor Eagleson's recent work can be labelled "eco-hydrology." He has developed a theory of soil-plant-atmosphere interactions and, based on this theory, formulated the optimal balance between vegetation and its physical-climatic environment. He has used his ideas on ecological optimality to predict the location and the role of particular types of vegetation around the globe.

Professor Eagleson chaired the US National Research Council Panel, "Opportunities in Hydrology." The Panel's report, "Opportunities in Hydrologic Sciences," is now the blueprint of education and research in hydrology throughout the world.

The Stockholm Water Prize is an international environmental award given annually in recognition of outstanding contributions in the field of water conservation. The prize will be presented by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden on August 14.

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