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Class of 2001 looks forward to MIT

On Thursday, August 21, as MIT's newest group of freshmen arrived for the start of Residence/Orientation, Tech Talk asked some of them two questions: What are you most interested in or looking forward to here at MIT? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Jean Ah Lee
Syracuse, NY
Prospective major: Electrical engineering
Looking forward to: "The electrical engineering department and the city of Boston."
In 10 years: "I'll probably have finished either grad school or law school and be working in Boston or the northeast."

Alex Reeve
Laramie, WY
Prospective major: Engineering
Looking forward to: "A good education, but I still want to be socially active. I want to play intramural sports and varsity ice hockey."
In 10 years: "I'd like to see myself working, but that's as far as I can think right now."

Ashley Salomon
Chicago, IL
Prospective major: Engineering
Looking forward to: "The focus on science and the Solar-Electric Vehicle Club and Dance Troupe."
In 10 years: "I want to live in the mountains out West and drive in my 4x4 truck to my job at a solar power/alternative energy company."

Umaima Marvi
East Brunswick, NJ
Prospective major: Biomedical engineering
Looking forward to: "One thing that attracted me to MIT was UROP, and the freshman seminars sound good."
In 10 years: "I'll be out of grad school working as a scientist/researcher."

Marcos Cordero
Miami, FL and Puerto Rico
Prospective major: Mechanical engineering
Looking forward to: "Pass/no record. Also a seminar with Professor Rafael Bras, and volleyball and basketball."
In 10 years: "I want to be the boss at a high-tech firm back in Miami."

Hala Qanadilo
Amman, Jordan
Prospective major: Undecided
Looking forward to: "Concourse or ESG. There's more focus on the individual. Also, meeting people from all over the world."
In 10 years: "I'll be finished with my undergraduate and graduate studies and bringing what I've studied back to Jordan, so I can pass my experience on to other people."

Lisa Stuart
Weymouth, MA
Prospective major: Engineering
Looking forward to: Nothing in particular; "I want to play with everything my freshman year and see what I like."
In 10 years: "I have no idea; I'm just going to wing it."

Edwin Jammer
San Antonio, TX
Prospective major: Computer science and architecture
Looking forward to: "Everything. [As a MITES student] I loved the campus and the work we did; it's more of an educational environment than other places."
In 10 years: "I hope to have my own business, probably an urban architecture firm."

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on August 27, 1997.

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