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Strehle appoints controller, director of budget and finance

Glenn P. Strehle, vice president for finance and treasurer, has appointed James L. Morgan III as controller to succeed Philip Keohan, and Stefano Falconi as director of budget and financial planning to succeed Jack Currie. Mr. Keohan retired after 45 years at MIT and Mr. Currie retired after 29 years.

Mr. Morgan, former senior vice president and chief accounting officer of Travelers Insurance, has been a consultant to Mr. Strehle and the Management Reporting/Financial Operations reengineering team for six months, focusing on accounting issues. He began work this month with his office in Rm E19-504.

Mr. Falconi has been the director of the Office of Cost Analysis at Harvard for the past five years, and has worked at Harvard since 1986. His office currently is in Rm 4-110, and he will move to Building E19 at a future date.

Mr. Strehle noted that the comptroller title has been changed to controller. Mr. Keohan is continuing for another year on a part-time basis as comptroller emeritus. He will assist both the controller and the director of the Office of Sponsored Programs, Julie Norris, with accounting and research sponsor issues.

The controller is responsible for providing accurate and timely financial information for internal reporting, planning and budgeting and external reporting and compliance. The controller manages the Con-troller's Accounting Office (CAO) and related activities, including the Lincoln Fiscal Office and the Property Office.


Mr. Morgan, a certified public accountant, received the BS in accounting from the University of Connecticut in 1967. He served in the US Army in Germany as a first lieutenant for two years, and then received the MS in accounting from Clarkson University in 1970.

He was an audit manager at Coopers & Lybrand for seven years, moved to the Travelers Insurance Companies for four years as director of accounting controls and research, and then was chief financial officer of General Reassurance Corp.

Mr. Morgan became chief financial officer of Transamerica Reinsur-ance Co. in 1987 and rejoined Travelers in 1990, serving as vice president for the special liability group until his promotion to senior vice president in 1993. He left Travelers in 1995 and since then has been consulting for non-profit and corporate organizations, including his former employer.


Mr. Falconi, as budget director, works with the treasurer and the provost to plan and supervise the budget process and financial planning.

He received the JD degree, specializing in US and European antitrust law, at the University of Padua in Italy in 1978, and the MBA from Harvard in 1987. After a year as a research assistant on antitrust laws with the Commission of European Economic Communities in Belgium, he was a partner in a law firm in Verona, dealing in corporate law and real estate from 1979-85.

In 1986, he joined Harvard as a consultant to the facilities maintenance department and subsequently to the dean for physical resources in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS). Working part-time there while getting his MBA, he developed, tested and implemented PHYRE, the Harvard database of buildings and employee locations. From 1987-91 he was a computer applications specialist in the office of the FAS dean for administration, establishing computer systems for financial planning and budgeting.

In 1991 he became director of the office of cost analysis for all of Harvard University, working on indirect cost recovery, compliance with federal regulations and federal audits.

Mr. Morgan's phone number is x3-2749; Mr. Falconi's phone number is x8-5770.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on November 13, 1996.

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