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��������������������������� President Charles M. Vest now has his own home page containing this year's Report of the President as well as selected speeches and statements, including speeches delivered during Martin Luther King Day, recent Commencement and Convocation exercises, and his 1991 inauguration. The site can be accessed from the MIT News Office home page.>

��������������������������� A rapidly growing clearinghouse for theatrical information nationwide is Theatre Central compiled by Andrew Q. Kraft, a senior in music and theater arts. The site includes links to listings of plays, festivals and other events; people involved in theater by category (directors, actors, producers, writers, etc.); scholastic and educational resources, and amateur and professional theater groups. There are also links to resources on stagecraft and theatrical publications and on-line groups.>

��������������������������� Information on Nobel prizes can be obtained from the Nobel Prize Internet Archive created by Boris Pevzner and Ona Wu, both graduate students in electrical engineering and computer science. Announcements from the Nobel Committee lead to background information on prize-winners and their work. There is also a link to the more recent "official" Nobel Foundation site, which offers text and images of the segment of Alfred Nobel's will that established the prizes. A link to CNN's coverage of the award ceremony in Oslo is included, and a Nobel trivia page is coming soon.>

��������������������������� The home page for the MIT Enterprise Forum, which promotes formation and growth of technologically oriented companies through business education and networking programs, includes links to Enterprise Forum chapters and their events around the country, as well as an on-line version of its new quarterly newsletter, Forum Focus.>

��������������������������� Information of interest to parents of MIT students can be found on the MIT Parents Program page. The program's on-line newsletter, a guide for parents, information about Family Weekend, and links to the Offices of Financial Aid and of the Dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs are featured.>

��������������������������� The MIT Center for Space Research home page (featuring a starry background) offers links to each of the lab's major projects and research groups, affiliated observatories, downloadable data, and home pages of other space-related organizations and data centers such as NASA and the WWW Virtual Library: Astronomy and Astrophysics. Users can also get updates on the launch status of the X-Ray Timing Explorer, a NASA mission that includes MIT's All-Sky Monitor (see Tech Talk, 12/6/95).>

��������������������������� Visitors to the MIT Museum site can learn about collections, exhibitions and programs at the main exhibition center at 265 Massachusetts Ave. and the Hart Nautical Galleries and the Compton Gallery. There are also historic photographs, an MIT history quiz, and on-line versions of two architectural exhibitions. The MIT Museum Shop's on-line catalog lets viewers search for merchandise by category and order it by e-mail or printed form.>

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on January 24, 1996.

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