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New allocation option offered

Effective May 1, 1996, members of the MIT Retirement Plan will have more
flexibility in deciding how future contributions to the Supplemental
Plan are invested.

At present, members have three choices in contributing: 100 percent to
the Variable Fund, 100 percent to the Fixed Fund or 50 percent to each

Effective in May, however, increments of 10 percent will allow a member
to invest 20 percent in the Fixed Fund, for example, and 80 percent in
the Variable Fund or vice versa. The change will affect both the
employee's contributions and MIT's matching amount.

The Variable Fund is a widely diversified stock fund with investments
from the United States and abroad. The Fixed Fund is largely a bond
fund, although there are some stocks in the portfolio; it also contains
investments from the United States and abroad. More information about
both funds is available in the MIT Retirement Plan Summary Annual

If you have any questions or would like to request a Supplemental Plan
Change form, call the Benefits Office at x3-0500 or the Lincoln
Laboratory Benefits Office at 981-7060.

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