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Graduate Student Council plans reengineering briefing

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) will hold a reengineering workshop on Tuesday, Jan. 30, from 4-6pm in Morss Hall at Walker Memorial. The workshop will cover how reengineering will affect the everyday work lives of graduate students. Free pizza and soda will be provided.

Discussions will be led by graduate students on topics such as student services, the electronic catalog, travel, training, the Help Desk, publishing, Procard (the American Express Purchasing card), and general reengineering issues.

After a brief overview of reengineering by Bonnie Souter, the GSC president, graduate students will break into small groups to hear more about topics of particular interest to them. Representatives of the various reengineering teams will be present to answer questions and get feedback from graduate students.

Some of the redesigned processes, like the Electronic Catalog and Procard, will be implemented soon, but other areas such as publishing and travel are still being reviewed by the administration, and graduate student input will be valuable. All graduate students are invited to attend.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on January 24, 1996.

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