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Popular demand brings 'Charm School' return

Having received rave reviews for three years in a row, Charm School once again will offer MIT students-and other members of the community-an opportunity to become accomplished in the social graces.

Etiquette-related subjects will be taught in an informal atmosphere from noon-4pm in Lobbies 7 and 10 on Tuesday, Jan. 30. No preregistration is required.

Students may choose from the many topics offered, including Nerd Love/Asking for a Date, Clothing Statements, Buttering-up Big Shots, Small Talk, Impressive Interviewing, Body Language, Overcoming Shyness, Table Manners and many more. Among the subjects premiering this year will be MIT's version of the "Love Connection," using infrared image processing courtesy of the Center for Advanced Educational Services.

More than 60 MIT faculty and staff members and students have already volunteered to share their expertise as members of the Charm School faculty; more volunteers are needed. The only prerequisites for teaching at Charm School are an interest in the curriculum, a spark of inspiration and a sense of humor.

Ambitious students will earn charm credits towards a formal Charm School degree. A bachelor's degree is awarded for completing six subjects, a master's for eight, and a PhD for 12. Degrees will be awarded at a commencement ceremony at 5pm in Rm 10-250 followed by a reception in the Bush Room. Both the afternoon event and the commencement are open to all members of the MIT community.

The commencement speaker will be the nationally acclaimed writer Dan Zevin, author of the best-selling book Entry-Level Life: A Complete Guide to Masquerading as a Member of the Real World (Bantam). A freelance writer and editor, Mr. Zevin has written humor and campus-related features for Rolling Stone, Spy, Us, GQ and Outside.

To volunteer as a Charm School faculty member or receive additional information contact Alberta Lipson, headmistress, at x3-8604; Rosanne Swire, registrar, at x3-7642; Travis Merritt, dean of Charm School, at x3-6771, or send e-mail to <>.

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