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Charm School booths and backgrounder

1996 Booths Include:

  • Clothing Statements
  • Buttering Up Big Shots
  • Small Talk/Attentive Listening
  • Impressive Interviewing
  • Walking
  • Elevator Etiquette
  • Body Language
  • Asking for a Date
  • Formalities
  • It's Alimentary (table manners)
  • Faculty/Student Communication
  • Problems with Your Instructors
  • Telephone/E-mail/Network Etiquette
  • How to Tell a Joke
  • Dealing with Difficult People and/or Situations
  • Overcoming Shyness
  • Ballroom Dance

Background: This is the 4th year that MIT has held Charm School as part of the January Independent Activities Period, a time when students, staff and faculty are encouraged to take part in classes, sessions and other events outside of their usual sphere. Over 500 non-credit and over 115 for-credit courses are offered during IAP.

There are 115 "faculty" on the Charm School staff (made up of MIT faculty, staff and students.) Sessions are held in 20 booths in two MIT lobbies (7 & 10). There are also five special lectures and, of course, the "commencement" of Charm School graduates.

"Students" who receive coupons showing they have passed six subjects will receive a Charm School bachelor's degree. Completion of eight subjects will earn a master's degree and 12 a Ph.D.

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