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"The musical tour left the audiences spellbound," reported one Pakistani newspaper following a recent performance in Karachi by pianist Felicia Brady, senior staff assistant in the Research Lab of Electronics, and violinist Erik Chapman. "The applause that rang out in the audience was enough proof of how the music had tugged at the hearts of those present," concluded the reviewer. The performance was part of a concert tour by Ms. Brady and Mr. Chapman to raise money for a local kidney center.

Brenda Cotto-Escalera, assistant professor of theater arts, is assistant director for Son Corazon: Heartstrung, a theatrical tribute to activist Myrna Vazquez, premiering October 11 at the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center in the South End. The work, written by former MIT artist-in-residence Rose Luisa Marquez, was researched and conceived in conjunction with the MIT Office of the Arts. For more information, call 247-7388.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on October 9, 1996.

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