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Space Grant Consortium Sponsors Forum at MIT

On this Wednesday, November 29, the Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium will sponsor its Second Annual Space Forum at MIT, featuring NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin as the luncheon speaker at noon in the 20 Chimneys restaurant in the Stratton Student Center

The program, beginning at 9AM in the Marlar Lounge (Building 37, Room 252), will be attended by government, academic and industry representatives from throughout New England.

The topic for the forum is "Working with the New NASA."

Dr. Harry Holloway, NASA Associate Administrator, will be the keynote speaker, and Associate Administrator Alphonso V. Diaz will also speak.

Later in the morning, individual workshops will discuss space issues as they relate to government, education and industry. Participants will then return to the Marlar Lounge to share their conclusions for future action.

Members of the faculty of MIT's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics will be among the luncheon guests.

Commercial as well as government space activities play a large role in New England's economy through the region's outstanding academic institutions and its high tech industries. The Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium believes that successful coordination of these resources will enhance this role for the benefit of the regional economy and the nation as a whole.

You are invited to cover this event.

For additional information, please contact Helen Halaris at 258-5546 or Charles Ball in the News Office at 253-1683.

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