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Retirement dinner honors record number: 176

A record number of members of the community were honored last month at the annual retirement dinner in Walker Memorial, attended by some 300.

Noting that the dinner presented a commencement-like occasion, President Charles M. Vest assured those assembled that they are part of the larger MIT community. "Just as we cherish our graduates and expect them to maintain their ties to the Institute, so do we want you to think of MIT as a permanent part of your lives.

"Like our graduates, you deserve enormous praise for your accomplishments and for your contributions to the life of this great educational institution. MIT is at hear the people who have come together to the best they can in their chosen fields. Our quality and stature, our teaching and research programs, our sense of community and our sense of service-these are your doing."

The retirement class totals 176 people this year, ranging in service from three to 49 years. Those retiring are:

Rochelle G. Alexander, Medical Department, 14 years.
Professor Hayward Alker Jr., Political Science, 27 years.
Anna Lucy Allen, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 11 years.
Vincent Autuori, Housing and Food Services, 7 years.
Daniel W. Baker Jr., Laboratory for Nuclear Science 39 years.
Donald E. Bash, Energy Laboratory, 25 years.
Professor George Bekefi, Physics, 38 years.
Rose Carol Bella, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 34 years.
Patricia Bennett, Lincoln Group 28, 12 years.
Jane I. Benson, Materials Science and Engineering, 33 years.
Barbara Ann Berk, Division of Comparative Medicine, 17 years.
David M. Bernella, Lincoln Group 43, 34 years.
Frank L. Bingham, Lincoln Group 72, 25 years.
Mitchell Z. Bistany, Lincoln Group 18, 20 years.
Adrian Brandos, Haystack Observatory, nine years.
Richard A. Brockelman, Haystack Observatory, 35 years.
Robert E. Brooks, Lincoln Group 72, 36 years.
Andrew Brown, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 26 years.
M. Clare Brown, Lincoln Group 44, 23 years.
Marie V. Bruno, Safety Office, 46 years.
William F. Busby Jr., Center for Environmental Health Sciences, 23 years.
Thomas P. Butler, Campus Police, 14 years.
Francis L. Cabral, Campus Police, 16 years.
Manuel Cabral, Research Laboratory of Electronics, 36 years.
Josephine E. Calderone, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 32 years.
Joseph Callahan, Physical Plant, 26 years.
Anthony W. Camara Jr., Physical Plant, 24 years.
Timothy F. Casey, Lincoln, Millstone, 13 years.
John K. Chandnoit, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 36 years.
Barbara V. Cholakos, Medical Department, 32 years.
William J. Clark, Physical Plant, 16 years.
Bradford Haydn Clough, Physical Plant, 38 years.
Clementine Coblyn, Libraries, 20 years.
Daniel M. Corbosiero, Lincoln Group 53, 35 years.
Emaline A. Cornett, Office of the Dean of the Graduate School, 36 years.
Mary Anne Costello, Housing and Food Services, 28 years.
Anthony J. Cotoia, Lincoln Group 72, 41 years.
Lois A. Craig, Urban Studies and Planning, 16 years.
Paula Cronin, Sloan School of Management, 17 years.
Marion A. Curley, Chemistry, 49 years.
James A. Daley, Jr., Lincoln Group 52, 39 years.
Faustina Davidheiser, Student Financial Aid, 14 years.
Dudley A. Davis, Lincoln Group 4FF, 33 years.
George H. Davis, Physical Plant, 13 years.
Lionel J. Demers, Lincoln Group 3KM, 20 years.
Doris E. DeVries, Medical Department, 13 years.
Norman Doelling, Sea Grant Program, 20 years.
Patrick A. Doherty, Lincoln Group 72, 34 years.
Nora M. Donahue, Lincoln Group 15, 42 years.
Ronald P. Dore, Political Science, five years.
Charles F. Eades, Medical Department, 32 years.
Edward Elliott, Physical Plant, 10 years.
Richard S. Eng, Lincoln Group 52, 23 years.
Professor David M. Epstein, Music and Theater Arts, 30 years.
M. Constance Fazio, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 19 years.
John A. Finlayson Jr., Physical Plant, 28 years.
Mary C. Finn, Lincoln Group 83, 37 years.
Donald F. Fitzgerald, Mechanical Engineering, 35 years.
Professor Royce N. Flippin, Jr., Athletics and Resource Development, 14 years.
George F. Fogerty, Lincoln Group 11, 12 years.
Simon Foner, Physics, 42 years.
James W. Forgie, Lincoln Group 21, 39 years.
Professor Ernst G. Frankel, Ocean Engineering, 36 years.
Ronald F. Gagne, Lincoln Group 42, 32 years.
Barbara J. Garrity, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 18 years.
Ira H. Gilbert, Lincoln Group 49, 24 years.
Angelo Goffredo, Physical Plant, nine years.
Mary D. Graham, Lincoln Group 18, 28 years.
Florence F. Gravina, Lincoln Group 18, 12 years.
Dolores A. Green, Lincoln Group 17, 17 years.
Dorothy L. Green, Division of Comparative Medicine, nine years.
Philip J. Green, Physical Plant, 28 years.
Professor Frederick Greene, Chemistry, 42 years.
Virgil J. Hackert, Lincoln Group 12, 18 years.
Virginia Pittorino Hanley, Medical Department, 14 years.
David J. Harrigan, Office of Sponsored Programs, 29 years.
Neville W. Harris, Lincoln Group 52, 10 years.
Richard C. Harvey, Lincoln Group 63, 33 years.
Allan F. Henry, Nuclear Engineering, 27 years.
Francis K. Heron, Lincoln Group 16, 43 years.
Richard B. Holmes, Lincoln Group 32, 16 years.
Richard W. Husher, Lincoln Group 71, eight years.
Hans P. Jenssen, Center for Materials Science and Engineering, 23 years.
H. Elizabeth Johnson, Admissions Office, 13 years.
Paul E. Johnson, Alumni Association, 32 years.
Robert J. Johnson, Physical Plant, 18 years.
John K. Jovan, Libraries, 15 years.
Ilona Karmel, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies, 16 years.
David R. Kelland, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 27 years.
George H. Kilmarx, Physical Plant, seven years.
Kenneth H. Konkle, Lincoln Group 23, 40 years.
John LaVorgna, Housing and Food Service, 21 years.
Francis A. Lawton, Office of the Senior Vice President, seven years.
Theresa L. Lehane, Division of Toxicology, 18 years.
William Lobar, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 44 years.
Leona K. Loughlin, Lincoln Group 17, 37 years.
George E. Lowe, Lincoln Group 47, 39 years.
Julia Lucas, Libraries, 23 years.
Jay K. Lucker, Libraries, 20 years.
Professor Richard H. Lyon, Mechanical Engineering, 26 years.
Patricia L. MacDonald, Lincoln Director's Office, 21 years.
Joan M. MacIsaac, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 14 years.
William H. MacLachlan, Lincoln Director's Office, 32 years.
John J. Madden, Campus Police, 25 years.
Thomas Maggiacomo, Comptroller's Accounting Office, eight years.
Margie L. Malva-Gomes, Lincoln Director's Office, 42 years.
Richard S. Marcus, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, 27 years.
Richard C. McCaffrey, Lincoln Group 71, 36 years.
Charlotte Merrill, Biology, 26 years.
Charles E. Miller, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 23 years.
Martin Moran, Physical Plant, 16 years.
Edward Morris, Physical Plant, 10 years.
James C. Murphy, Division of Comparative Medicine, 20 years.
Gregory Najarian, Lincoln Group 11, seven years.
Frances Needleman, Libraries, 31 years.
Edwin F. Nesman, Haystack Observatory, 20 years.
Douglas M. Nicoll, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, Bates, 32 years.
John A. O'Brien, Lincoln Group 64, 41 years.
Margaret O'Halloran, Endicott House, 16 years.
Donald J. J. Olson, Physical Plant, 28 years.
John V. Pantano, Lincoln Group 83, 25 years.
Pauline R. Pantano, Lincoln Fiscal Office, 20 years.
Antonio Papa, Physical Plant, 13 years.
Franklin R. Payne, Center for Materials Science and Engineering, 30 years.
Hilda N. Peirce, Materials Science and Engineering, 10 years.
Regis M. Pelloux, Materials Science and Engineering, 27 years.
Henry J. Perras, Lincoln Group 63, 22 years.
George Petievich, Medical Department, 26 years.
Professor Gordon H. Pettengill, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, 40 years.
Theodore Podymaitis, Physical Plant, 20 years.
Marvin D. Pope, Lincoln Division 7, 27 years.
Bernice J. Popolizio, Lincoln Group 17, 23 years.
Frances F. Powell, Political Science, 23 years.
Margaret M. Powell, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 30 years.
Allan E. Pratt, Lincoln Group 4FF, 15 years.
Paul H. Quinn, Office of Sponsored Programs, 30 years.
James B. Reebel, Physical Plant, 31 years.
Gloria L. Rook, Nuclear Engineering, 10 years.
Oscar Rose, Physical Plant, 14 years.
Peter L. Rossini, Lincoln Group 76, 39 years.
Ildefonso W. Ruiz, Physical Plant, 24 years.
Robert C. Runyon, Medical Department, 26 years.
Rosemarie Russo, MIT Press, three years.
Morris Sadofsky, Lincoln Group 27, 41 years.
Professor Jerome H. Saltzer, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 34 years.
John J. Sanfilippo, Lincoln Group 12, nine years.
Vincent P. Savinsky, Housing and Food Service, 27 years.
Linda B. Sayegh, Leaders for Manufacturing Program, 27 years.
William J. Scouler, Lincoln Group 51, 35 years.
Margaret B. Sevcenko, The Aga Khan Program, 16 years.
George M. Shannon Jr., Lincoln Group 38, 34 years.
Professor William M. Siebert, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 43 years.
Manuel (Larry) Silva, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 40 years.
Sarah E. Slattery, Biology, 21 years.
Institute Professor Robert M. Solow, Economics, 46 years.
John B. Spinale, Physical Plant, 12 years.
Ernest Stern, Lincoln Division 8, 31 years.
Harvey Stewart, Physical Plant, 10 years.
Lyman A. Stinson, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 33 years.
Kathleen M. Sumera, Urban Studies and Planning, 15 years.
Patrick Sweeney, Physical Plant, nine years.
Elisa J. Swift, Physical Plant, 11 years.
Robert K. Tallent, Physical Plant, 14 years.
James Taylor, Campus Activities Complex, eight years.
Donald H. Temme, Lincoln Group 63, 36 years.
Luigi Tracanna, Physical Plant, 27 years.
Carol Ann Tranfaglia, Lincoln Director's Office, 44 years.
James J. Tynan, Center for Space Research, 35 years.
Ronald E. Vanderschuur, Lincoln Group 46, 23 years.
Michael J. Walsh, Physical Plant, 29 years.
John E. Wasik, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, 33 years.
Earle J. Wassmouth, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 28 years.
Thomas White, Physics, 32 years.
Lillian Wohlander, Registrar's Office, 15 years.
G. Jayne Yeuell, Haystack Observatory, 14 years.
Leonard C. Youens, Lincoln Group 32, 25 years.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on July 19, 1995.

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