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I/T infrastructure readiness


Our team is defining the technological and support infrastructure critical to the labs, pilots and rollouts of the revised business processes developed within the reengineering teams. Our mission is to protect the broader interests of the Institute by ensuring that the infrastructure, support mechanisms and software packages chosen to implement a reengineered process fit into a rational, common longer-term structure.


  • Research products in literature and via vendor presentations.
  • Consult with reenginneering teams about their infrastrustructure needs.
  • ������������������Test, sometimes by writing testing applications, tria--copies of software.
  • Negotiate with vendors for best prices and changes in software to support MIT needs.
  • Track related infrastructure work in Information Systems and in departments.
  • Talk to vendors about appropriate network security for products at MIT and help them develop appropriate designs.
  • Prototype use of infrastructure components to provide developer with examples.
  • Design or review designs for infrastructure components.
  • Help business process reengineering teams evaluate software to ensure it fits with our infrastructure.
  • ������������������Develop appropriate guidelines for future use in developing or choosing new applications.


  • Applications Building Tool
  • Application Developer's Software Library Tracking System
  • ������������������Software Distribution System
  • Workflow Software
  • ������������������Transaction Monitor Software
  • Infrastructure related guidelines for selecting or developing applications at MIT
  • ������������������Policy on single administrative name space and single user sign-on.
  • ������������������Institute Data Warehouse for management reporting needs
  • ������������������Institute Database containing all MIT affiliated people

Team Members: Susan Minai-Azary (, Captain; Jerry Issacson, Stephen Oakland; James Repa; Jeffrey Schiller; Scott Thorne; Daniel Weir; and Mary Zackrison (CSC Consulting). James D. Buce (Sponsor).

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 1, 1995.

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